Sins of the Fathers

Crime and Punishment

After leaving Incin’s bar we headed towards Mrs Mison’s residence. There was no car in her appropriate spot, maybe she is at work at 10:30 in the morning. With Mrs Mison’s Nissan missing we decided to talk to her nieghbours, starting with number 1. Mr Darren Ferretti, who told us that Mrs Mison was hard on her daughter Tanya except when a man who sounds like Incin is around. Mrs Mison would yell at Tanya a lot and was often in trouble for not acting properly. We continued door knocking and discovered the same sort of information.

Syl distracted an arguing couple out the front of the building while i let myself into Mrs Mason’s apartment. It was extremely neat, and smelt strongly of disinfectant. I went into the past at the time when Syl made the call to her, the night before. There was a man standing behind her, he wore an impeccable black suit with a white shirt, he had slick back hair and a goatee. This man personified every evil villain in every cartoon that has ever been on TV. He smiled as Mrs Mason talked on the phone to Syl, he than offered said he would retrieve Tanya in exchange for one favor. I then left Mrs Mason’s apartment and let Syl know what I know. Syl told ma about some of the prior events, she still hasn’t told me everything. This villian, i’m going to call Li Anvil, was at a nightclub with a vampire on the camera. I returned to the apartment to find out more about Li Anvil. It turns out he is a Mage and a Master of Death and Spirit which doesn’t really fit into one of the Pentacle.

We went to lunch, and while discussing the pros and cons of various gravy on French fries. Three hoodlums on motorcycles turned up and attacked another couple. With an auditory hallucination and inciting fear into both sides, they all ran off. Unfortunately Syl was injured in the exchange, when she tried to disarm one of the thugs. The police turned up and told us to get on the ground face down, with our hands behind our heads. We were then handcuffed, eventually we could read there name tags Patrolman Pulaski and Officer Tenpenny. After an initial interrogation, the police officers suggested we give him a decent reason. After we refused to bribe him and they took us away, banging our heads along the way.

They took us through the back door and chained us to a chair. I demanded my one phone call, and to talk to a lawyer. After 3 hours Syl was recognised by a desk Sergeant. Who eventually left let us go. I must bring Tenpenny and Pulaski to justice!

On the way back to the car Syl read over the files she had requested from the police, the night before. When we got back to the car, we headed back to Syl’s place. There was a dead Starling on the doorstep in front of the door. I looked over the Starling’s life. She had a happy life, flying through the air as free as, well as free as a bird. She was happy and joyous until she was flying along and just had a heart attack, and fell on Syl’s doorstep. She left this world far too young and too good for this world.

On the other side of the road was Syl’s mystery stalker, I’m going to call Miss Syl’s Mystery Stalker. I attempted to slow the passing of time around her but my batteries in my sonic screwdriver must not have a good contact. We chased after her into an ally, Syl told me she had ripped a hole in the Gauntlet.

Syl decided to go to the hospital in San Fierro, to see Micheal a Mage and a leading doctor there. While I’m heading to the library to discover more about Li Anvil



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