The Jelly Bats

The Jelly Bats are a vampire cycle gang (unaligned nomads) that prey on the inhabitants of SAN FIERRO’ poorest slums. They are completely indiscriminate in their prey, and disappear swiftly and easily after the fact. Which makes catching them impossible for the police. They are a masquerade breach and the Prince of LV has put a bounty on their heads. However, the Jelly Bats continue to elude both mortal and kindred authority.

Rose the Puppet: An unusually tall amazonian black woman with a Grace Jones ferocity, she cuts an imposing and intimidating figure.

One Eye-Phish: Phish is a wandering cowboy; always scrambling for victims, money and loose women.

Elvira: Devious and devoted only to her own perverse satisfaction.

Sneaker: A hard-core, heavy-metal music lover.

Chupacabra (or “Chupa” for short): A fondness for bizarre and gruesome rituals.

The Jelly Bats

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