San Fierro


The times of the hippie culture of the 60’s are already way behind San Fierro. These days San Fierro is a sparkling metropolis with a ‘let-it-go-atmosphere’, something that Los Santos and Las Venturas really don’t have. While everyone in Los Santos picks up the trends, in San Fierro were they all made, from flowerpower to alternative and gaycommunity. The inhabitants of San Fierro are very proud of their individualism, sobriety and culture understanding. In San Fierro, you can find cabeltrams driving up-hill and down-hill. And if the mist doesn’t ruin the view, you can see the Gant Bridge in the San Fierro Bay.

San Fierro is characterized by a prominent cable car system and hilly terrain.

The Gant Bridge San Fierro is the smallest metro area in San Andreas and is located in the western part of the state. South of the city lies the massive Mt. Chiliad and the little town of Angel Pine in Whetstone County. To the north, across the Gant Bridge, lies the small town of Bayside. Northeast of the city lies the desert county of Tierra Robada. Southeast of the city is the heavily forested Red County.

A small earthquake hit the area not 2 days ago causing some damage to various buildings.

San Fierro

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