Important Facts

For more in depth information, see the Mage: The Awakening core rulebook.

Ancient History:
• In ancient times mages began awakening. All had dreams of an island, and were drawn to it.
• Upon this island they formed their society, Atlantis
• Peace reigned for many years, but eventually the inevitable occurred.
• Mage turned on mage in the first mage war.
• The Exarchs shattered their staircase to the Supernal realm, where they drew their power from, and in the process created the Abyss, blocking the Supernal from the Fallen World.
• The fallen mages were left without power, and they fled across the land.
• Magical power became harder and harder to draw.
• Then the Oracles, five magical nobles created the watchtowers, to channel magic down into the Fallen World, so magic would stir once more.

• The awakening is a great ordeal for many mages, they are blessed with moments of all knowledge, before their minds try to lock it away, in disbelieve.
• But the truth draws them in again, until the face the Mystery Play, the symbolic awakening of a mage.
• All magic is channelled through the soul, without it, magic cannot be performed.
• Quinescence is the Abyss fighting back against the Awakenings of mages.
• Sleepers observing magic create stirrings in the abyss, which may result in Paradoxes, events where the mages lose power of their magic.

• Arcanthus ‘Enchanters’ Fate/Time
• Magistos ‘Warlocks’ Mind/Space
• Moros ‘Necromancers’ Death/Matter
• Obrimos ‘Theurgists’ Forces/Prime
• Thyrsus ‘Shamans’ Life/Spirit

• Groups of mages all bound together to one goal
• Requires an individual initiation into the group
• Members must promote the goals and adhere to the rules

• Adamantine Arrow Defenders/Warriors Defenders of all Mages

• Free Council Rebels/New Age Democracy should be enforced

• Guardians of the Veil Assassins/Manipulators Never let the Sleepers find out

• Mysterium Scholars/Seers Knowledge is power

• Silver Ladder Lords/Rulers Release the truth to Awaken

• Seers of the Throne Magic Devourers Destroy knowledge and mages

• Banishers Mage Hunters Awakening is a curse

• A group of Awakened who live together for protection, friendship, knowledge, power.
• Generally take on a theme.
• Hold a territory that they monitor.

*Consulii *
• The group of mages that enforce and make decisions at a state level.
• Each is capable of bringing down the law on mages, cabals, or other beings/creatures/organisations.

• Heirach (1) The Leader
• Councilor (5) Advisors to the Heirach
• Provost (6) Enforcers of the Council’s will
• Heralds (?) Representatives of the Council
• Sentinel (?) Enforcers and warriors of the Council

• Sanctum Home base or living quarters for mages.
• Resonance All locations have a resonance, effected by ideals/emotions and causing the same.
• Hallows Places of magical energy which the Awakened can draw mana through.
• Demesenses Places which have been cleared with a soul stone. All magic is subtle.
• Ruins Ancient buildings full of lost knowledge.
• Twilight The Ephemeral state of the Fallen World, filled with creatures of Shadow.
• Gauntlet The path between the Twilight and the Shadow Realm.
• Verges Locations where the Gauntlet is weak.
• Shadow An Ephemeral, twisted reflection of our own world.

• You know the following creatures exist.
• Vampires
• Werewolves
• Ghosts
• Spirits
• Changelings
• Plus many others besides, most tales of mythical creatures originated from somewhere.

Lex Magica
• Performing Vulgar magic before a Sleeper is punishable to varying degrees.
• Giving information of magic to Sleepers is punishable to varying degrees.

Important Facts

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