Sins of the Fathers

Introducing Death
An investigation team has been brought together to look in to the deaths of each races Leader.

I was summoned by the Carl Johnston, the ruthless black that has somehow managed to become the acting hierach. He has instructed me to investigate the death of Rayne. However it seemed that he just didn’t want the blood suckers or the depraved werewolves to handle it.

On arriving at the seen there was a young girl named Sylva, who proved to be a Mage (she will need to be protected). SJ, a nigger werewolf that could not hide the beast within. There cannot be anyone more evil in the world than a commie blood sucker, unfortunately the last person at the scene was exactly that, with some unpronounceable name. It was clearly my responsibility to lead these poor souls, including the soulless. So we began investigating the crime scene, they managed some progress. Rayne had been attacked by what looked like a savage beast, apparently bigger than a werewolf. Evelyn Darrow the werewolf alpha appeared to have been blown up. There was a pile of ash that we suspect belonged to Gabriell Enoch. It seems odd to me that these people had disappeared two days ago but only died less than 24hrs ago. At 9pm another blood sucker turned up, this one Middle Eastern, named Chisisi. Finally the black found two keys on a key ring with two keys. One was for a safety deposit box and the other may be for a house key.

I decided we should follow up on the safety deposit box. The commie blood sucker got rid of the bodies. Sylva rode with me in my pick up, the black and the commie took the blacks car and the other blood sucker went by himself to the Bank of San Fierro. On arriving Sylva waited outside, and the blood suckers seemed to absorb themselves into the shadows. Despite that I can be more discrete, the black insisted on coming into the bank. We went up to the only teller, who directed us to the keyboard to enter the password to gain entry to the safety deposit boxes, and I entered the password Atlantis. We went down to the safety deposit boxes and opened the right box. Inside was a CD, we took it out and went back to SJ’s car to check it out on his laptop. Unfortunately he was unable to find the right program to read it, how difficult can it be? So we went somewhere more discrete so I could use the mysteries to read the CD. It was cctv footage of a strip club, the blood suckers tell me it was a club called the Pig Pen. There was a woman that again the blood suckers tell me it is Lucette Montaigne being handed a notebook from a strange man, it was quite clear but vampires are not supposed to be so easily seen. The next step was clearly a visit to the Pig Pen. Sylva went with Chisisi on his bike, the rest of us went in Sj’s car.

When we arrived, Sylva, Chisisi and the commie went inside to check it out. I used SJ’s laptop to get into the security cameras. Eventually SJ gave in to his lack of self control, a cultural thing most likely, and went into the club. The main act came on………

Section Missing

We need to check were that other key belongs to.

Confusion Reigns

After I am leavink Pig Pen, Samual, he is runnink back to be goink back inside. I am Stoppink him. Chisi is beink attack by mortal somethink and Samual, he is beink very eager to prove himself. I am convincink him to stay outside and not be gettink involve – investigation at Pig Pen is not finish and we are not wantink to be link to any event beink bad for business.

Later I am findink telephone. Telephone rings and more mortals they are sayink they are knowink what I am beink and they are makink me threat. These mortals, they are knowink that I am wampir, but they are not knowink what wampir is meanink or they are not be makink me threat. I will findink this mortals and showink them what is meanink of wampir. Then they are wishink thay are not knowink what I am beink. Is least I can do.

We are goink to house were box is beink what mortals is wantink. Inside there is beink more mortals. Mortals they are shoutink and shakink weapons at me so I am showink them what is meanink to be wampir. Now they are beink very quiet and givink weapons to me like polite mortal, but one of them is runnink out back door. Samual, he is waitink at back door and mortal he is not runnink anymore. Samual, he is makink terrible mess, but he is young and everybody is makink mess their first time, nyet?

Polite mortal, he is rolling up inside rug and we are putting him in car. Droppink him at warehouse and gettink car fixed, then we are gettink box that look like box before Nunya is callink with first box. Inside first box is beink very fill with Third Eye. Hmmmm…

We are puttink box at drop-off like nice wampir and I am goink home for rest. Mortal friend, they are stayink to watch box and see if other mortals be comink. Chisi, he is disapearink at some point, I am not really rememberink.

Tommorrow, she is beink another night.

It Never Raynes But It Pours

Memoirs Of Major William Martin

Well I should have foreseen it, the SJ ‘lost’ the package, one simple task and he couldn’t even manage that. Useless. Probably just said he lost it, and actually sold the contents. I don’t care about his kind or the Hispanics or the Asians, as long as they don’t find their way into the hands of the children of hard working Americans. I then also find out that Sylva turned up three hours late, at least she got some beauty sleep.

Sylva and I headed to the murder site. She managed to learn that several arcana were used to create the summoning spell, including Space. I had already suspected a Mage was responsible, but it deffinately wasn’t Rayne.

I had used the mysteries to locate the lock that the other key fitted into. So, I gave instructions to Sylva to get the others to meet at Verona Beech Gym. When we meet I had a quiet word with the blood sucker, told him since the other one had disappeared, maybe he should too, which he took heed to. Heading toward the house Sylva noticed a van parked outside, surveillance. We split up, I headed around to a back ally and, unseen slipped inside the back door. Inside I found a notebook and a basement door. The door was magically warded but I found an Atlanis Ruin that was a password to open the door, I did wait for SJ to trying and kick the door down twice, most amusing. We discovered a sanctum with a vast library in the basement. SJ called Sylva and headed out. I poured over books concerning Atlantis, it seems as though Rayne thought that Atlantis was real, I wonder if it could be. Sylva came down and noticed a book was missing, from it’s location fo where it should be, I could tell it was to do with summoning demons. Sylva seemed under the impression that maybe Rayne was behind the murder. But I know that it was someone that could summon this demon remotely. SJ must have attracted the attention of the men in the van. There was gunfire Sylva and i cleared out, closing the door behind us I tried to open a portal to a safe place, calling for the others to follow, but for some reason only made it outside. I stole the van and drove up close to the house just in time to see SJ pull someone inside. Leaning on the horn and tuning into the police frequency i discovered the police were on their way. Eventually the others got in, and I took off, not a moment too soon. I then found out the bloodsucker was aboard, that guy doesn’t get the hint.

I was halfway to the arena when I heard the police start searching for the van. We dumped it, I instructed SJ to stuff a rag into the gas tank. Then i tried to open a portal but it wouldn’t open. I tried to run away from the approaching sirens but I ended up on the docks, until i turned to make my way to the car where almost instantly.

I must decipher the Hieroglyphs and runes in Rayne notebook and see what the numbers mean.

Missing Tanya Mison
Cue Theme Music

The Book of Impossible things

So, I wake up and find Angelina in the same place she has been the past couple of days, a couple of blocks from my friend Syl. So I wandered around to her place, to do my morning tinkering with my sonic screwdriver. Sil was doing her Tai Chi, when i got there. Her phone rang, it was Incin, he asked me to get Syl to ring him back. There has been a lot of talk about Syl, and the investigation into Rayne’s disappearance. Most people have been avoiding her, since the others sent to investigate all have disappeared, but I don’r care.

After I did my tinkering, Syl wanted to use the library. I helped open her mind to the ways of the occult as she searched the many tomes. After a great deal of searching we headed off to meet Incin. At the bar we were introduced to Mrs Mison, who’s daughter Tanya had gone missing. At first i assumed her memories had been toyed with. But when I looked deeper I could see this little girl very clearly. She is real.

Syl and I headed to the preschool where the girl was last seen. Winding back the clock I witness the girls arrival at the school. We made a plan to break in. We jumped the fence after I opened my mind to athleticism. Syl picked the lock, after she learnt how. Unfortunately she set of the alarm and we hightailed it. Waiting for security to arrive reviewed the half hour before three, the day before. I watched as Tanya walked into the shadow of a tree and was taken by a thing with many tendril like arms. Showing Syl the creature she decided to talk the spirits. She found out that whatever was taking them, it was not of the spirit world and that other children had been taken before. That was it for the night.

The next morning Angelina still hadn’t moved, perhaps she is tired. I went around and had breakfast with Syl. I then followed with research inti the creature and Syl looked into the other missing children. I found similar stories, usually based on a bad fairy. They seemed to follow the Slim Man Mythology. Syl found a photo of the church that was originally on the same grounds. The church was on fire, on the roof, in the smoke was the same figure that took Tanya. A child was lost that day and his father took the photo. We then set out to track the father down. We found him in the cemetery at Montgomery. He was standing near his own ashes looking for his son, unable to get very far. He had slashed his wrists. He wasn’t that much help. We have to find these children.

Cloudy with a chance of paranoia

Yet another morning and Angelina hasn’t moved, she must sense adventure.

I head around to Syl’s place. So far we haven’t got much to go on. We decide to check out the school again. It’s almost nine when we turn up. Heading up to the school Syl turned aside to talk to some mothers chatting outside. Hugo Watt (a very handsome and brilliant man) carried on into the school and announced his arrival to reception. When the head mistress came out she told Mr Watt, School Inspector that she had not received his assistants phone call the day before but woould be happy to allow him to look at the schools records. With the aid of the receptionist Hugo discovered that young Tanya was a very troubled young girl, and that young boy that went missing before whose father had killed himself often showed up to the church with suspicious bruises and even a broken arm. Hugo realised that the 17 year old receptionist seemed to know too much considering the 5 year gap between disappearances. Hugo than left the school grounds.

When I caught up with Syl, we traded information. We decided to head to the local library and look into the names of the other disappearances. What is unlikely to be a coincidence is that 3 out of 5 of the parents had been sent to jail and another had committed suicide. I had to remind Syl that we were working for the 5th. We also checked into the history of the church and found out the that it was on of the first buildings to be built in the state in the early 30’s. There was a picture of the early church. That same creature was in the background then as well.

We headed back to the school and got the license plate of that suspicious receptionist, who knows too much. We headed to the DMV who was of no use what so ever. Then back to Syl’s place, someone had been there. We checked around and I glanced into the past and saw the culprit. Syl used her contacts to discover the girls address. While we were waiting Syl tried to discover the identity of the intruder while I hacked the DMV, unusually unsuccessfully. While she worried about the issue in another room I decided she might need a couch in a few years, so sent her current one to her. Syl called Mrs Mison who has decided she doesn’t want us to find her daughter. Why would she change her mind? We headed out to see Incin. Syl being all paranoid decided to barricade the front door and climb out a window. When she was half way out I asked why she didn’t use the back door?

We headed to Incins bar. There we got Mrs Mison’s address and Syl got a number for a new couch, she wasn’t very grateful for my act of kindness. Unfortunately the couch she rang up about was already sold, fate be a cruel mistress. But Mrs Mison’s sudden change of heart is rather suspect…..

Crime and Punishment

After leaving Incin’s bar we headed towards Mrs Mison’s residence. There was no car in her appropriate spot, maybe she is at work at 10:30 in the morning. With Mrs Mison’s Nissan missing we decided to talk to her nieghbours, starting with number 1. Mr Darren Ferretti, who told us that Mrs Mison was hard on her daughter Tanya except when a man who sounds like Incin is around. Mrs Mison would yell at Tanya a lot and was often in trouble for not acting properly. We continued door knocking and discovered the same sort of information.

Syl distracted an arguing couple out the front of the building while i let myself into Mrs Mason’s apartment. It was extremely neat, and smelt strongly of disinfectant. I went into the past at the time when Syl made the call to her, the night before. There was a man standing behind her, he wore an impeccable black suit with a white shirt, he had slick back hair and a goatee. This man personified every evil villain in every cartoon that has ever been on TV. He smiled as Mrs Mason talked on the phone to Syl, he than offered said he would retrieve Tanya in exchange for one favor. I then left Mrs Mason’s apartment and let Syl know what I know. Syl told ma about some of the prior events, she still hasn’t told me everything. This villian, i’m going to call Li Anvil, was at a nightclub with a vampire on the camera. I returned to the apartment to find out more about Li Anvil. It turns out he is a Mage and a Master of Death and Spirit which doesn’t really fit into one of the Pentacle.

We went to lunch, and while discussing the pros and cons of various gravy on French fries. Three hoodlums on motorcycles turned up and attacked another couple. With an auditory hallucination and inciting fear into both sides, they all ran off. Unfortunately Syl was injured in the exchange, when she tried to disarm one of the thugs. The police turned up and told us to get on the ground face down, with our hands behind our heads. We were then handcuffed, eventually we could read there name tags Patrolman Pulaski and Officer Tenpenny. After an initial interrogation, the police officers suggested we give him a decent reason. After we refused to bribe him and they took us away, banging our heads along the way.

They took us through the back door and chained us to a chair. I demanded my one phone call, and to talk to a lawyer. After 3 hours Syl was recognised by a desk Sergeant. Who eventually left let us go. I must bring Tenpenny and Pulaski to justice!

On the way back to the car Syl read over the files she had requested from the police, the night before. When we got back to the car, we headed back to Syl’s place. There was a dead Starling on the doorstep in front of the door. I looked over the Starling’s life. She had a happy life, flying through the air as free as, well as free as a bird. She was happy and joyous until she was flying along and just had a heart attack, and fell on Syl’s doorstep. She left this world far too young and too good for this world.

On the other side of the road was Syl’s mystery stalker, I’m going to call Miss Syl’s Mystery Stalker. I attempted to slow the passing of time around her but my batteries in my sonic screwdriver must not have a good contact. We chased after her into an ally, Syl told me she had ripped a hole in the Gauntlet.

Syl decided to go to the hospital in San Fierro, to see Micheal a Mage and a leading doctor there. While I’m heading to the library to discover more about Li Anvil

A Chance Encounter
And then there were three

After Syl left the real Doctor she left to see some other Doctor. Anyway, I headed to the library to try and find out more about Li Anvil. I poured over old and new tomes for hours, by the time I stopped I could barely awake. By one o’clock in the morning I had come to a few possibilities. One, he was a pentacle Mage that had branched into multiple spheres, as I myself have done. Two, a insignificant slave to the ancient Exarchs, a Seer of the Throne. Or a member of the Timori, a Banisher. I have a suspicion that it is one of the later two.

In the morning I, Angelina was still in the same place as ever. I got some funny looks when from construction workers when I left her. When I arrived at Syl’s place, there was an Australian there. He said I looked like a Doctor, but that couldn’t be right. I offered him a Jelly baby, which he accepted. I like him, Syl introduced him as Elatha. It turns out he is a Mage wandering by the winds of chance and fate has led him to Syl’s doorstep last night.

We got Elatha up to speed on the missing girl, Tanya Mison. disappearance, the previous four children disappearing, the church’s origins and the old Wilkes farm in the area, that was one of the first references to this creature. We covered the most recent We decided to check the town plans to see if the old Home stead from the Wilkes farm, to check where abouts it was in relation to the current city. After many long hours, only distracted occasionally by porn, I found out that the Wilkes Homestead was burnt down and the church was built on top of the remains. The church of course was burnt down later and Glenpark Preschool was built on top of those remains. There is a lot of history at that location and whatever is taking the children has been at it for a long time. While searching the history of the farm I also found out that Ed Wilkes, after his niece’s disappearance got drunk and beat the remaining members of his family to death in a drunken rage. This lead to a town lynching, the town’s people marched on the homestead and burnt it to the ground. The Ed Wilkes was burnt to death inside his home.

I have come to a conclusion that whatever is taking the children is just going after them. It is punishing their parents for their bad parenting. Three of the five we know have all been jailed, another has had his wrists slashed, and even the abusive drunk Ed Wilkes was lynched. I know that at the farm the youngest daughter was taken, and the oldest ended up in care, she was saved from the fate of the rest of her family. I feel it would be good to find out if any of the recent five missing children had any siblings.

While I was working on Syl’s computer, Syl took Elatha to see the local area. They brought me back soe food before heading to the preschool to have another look around at night. When they came back, they let me know that they found pictures Tanya had drawn. They were of the slim man, but there was also some by a thirteen year old, mentally deficient boy. This creature seems to have been known to Tanya for a while before it took her. Syl seems worried about Mrs Mison, so she and Elatha headed around to her place after midnight, despite me pointing out the futility of that endeavor. I headed back to Angelina. I’ll catch up with them in the morning.

Conclusions and Revelations
It all comes out in the end

After a good night’s rest, Angelina still had not moved. I went through my morning rituals and then over to Syl’s to do my other rituals. Syl arrived home, I assume after spending the night at Mrs Mison’s house. As predicted she was exhausted. She put breakfast on then passed out on her bed. That Elatha wasn’t with her, however, Miss Syl’s Mystery Stalker knocked on the door. She had a gift hamper, and asked to come in. I said no, she then offered for me to pass on the hamper, which I agreed to after I had determined it wasn’t a bomb. I laid out all the Items neatly around Syl. Finally I checked the police files to find out if any of the missing children had siblings. Only David Wilson did, a 10 year old sister at the time. I got the last known address and took Syl’s car to San Fierro.

After a two hour, twenty-seven minute and fifteen second drive, I arrived at the address. I’m my way up to the apartment I tried opening my eyes to the mysteries but the attempt failed to hold. I tried again, this time succeeding only to see a woman trying to stop me using my spells. I confronted her, she was annoyed that I came into her territory and was casting spells. Her name was Tsi, she was a part of The August Mansion. She insisted I speak to Wu Zi.

We went down stairs and got into Tzi’s Transam. We took off, Tzi hugged the corners, performed smooth racing changes. Even in the overcrowded China Town, the people just seemed to step out of her way at the right time. She pulled into an underground garage and parked next to a lift. She instructed me to go up. I did.

The lift opened up to what I first thought was a Chinese restaurant, I then noticed that the furniture didn’t fit into Chinese restaurant, or the walls, or any of the rest of the decor. There was an old Chinese man whom I assumed was Wu Zi. He gestured for me to sit down, and then made some tea. It was Chinese tea but not bad. I apolgised for encroaching on his territory, and then explained why I was in San Fierro. Finally he said the only words I heard him say “One Day”. He then left, after waiting a minute, I too left by the lift.

When I got back to the garage, Tzi’s Transam was waiting for me, facing the other direction now. Curious about Wu Zi’s cryptic response I asked Tzi what it meant. She told me I had a day to find out what I needed too. She asked why I wanted to talk to Amy Wilson. She said something about Syl being on an important mission from CJ, and that I was supposed to be helping. When I told her she seemed pissed off. She stopped suddenly and got out of her car to make a phone call. Whoever she was talking too, she was clearly pissed off. She kicked a garbage bin and got back into the car. I think Syl is in trouble.

When we arrived back at Amy Wilson’s apartment, I got out and Tzi took off, so much for help. I headed up again. An again opening my eyes to the mysteries. I also tried a little luck and made some psychic paper. I knocked on the door and announced myself as a Los Santos PD. Amy answered the door and I produced my psychic paper, thank you Christopher Eccelston. After some initial questions she let me in. When I explained that I was investigating the cold case from a new angle, Amy produced a file, with drawing of the slender man. She said that her brother had drawn these and that at the time he had told her that the slender man would save them from their abusive father. After a brief discussion, I left, her eyes were full of hope. When I got outside I could feel Elatha’s mind ask me “Where?”. I decided to contact him and jumped to his mind. First thing was me critising him for one useless word. We had a bit of a discussion with him talking to Syl at the same time. We decided to meet at Syl’s place as soon as possible.

After two hours, twenty seven minutes and fifteen seconds, I arrived back at Syl’s place. I arrived at the same time as myself. When we meet up with Syl inside, she seemed a little distracted by something. I let them know about my trip to San Fierro and Elatha told us about his meeting with a thirteen year old boy from the preschool. After this exchange I asked Syl about what the mission CJ put her on. She eventually explained after I recounted my experience with Tsi. We decided that we had hit a dead end as far as the missing children go. We decided to have a look at Rayne’s place.

We arrived at the place Syl said was Rayne’s house. It was covered in police tape and there was a cop watching the back entrance. So we went into the front, the place was trashed. Apparently it was not left like this by Syl and her companions. I looked back in time, guided by fate. I saw that someone had broke into the place before about a week earlier. A gang of thugs, led by a young Mage. The Mage told the others to search for a notebook. They trashed the place, the Mage walked up to a door and blew a way into Rayne’s Sanctum with a powerful artifact. He emerged a short time later, quite furious. When one of his gang questioned the Mage, the Mage killed him with magic. I must find that notebook.

At what point?

At a certain point in your life you need to ask yourself, what did I get myself into?

Let’s do a recap,

A carnie, Elatha, (and that would be using the name as a compliment), decides that my doorstep, (and wall for some strange reason), looked inviting. The Doc seems to like him, and fate seems to smile on him.

The Doc, I feel is one check up short of a full practice. The Doc has helped me out in a few scrapes, so perhaps it’s the insanity that keeps him coming back to me.

My new ‘friend’, Denise I believe her name is. I’ve found a new friend who seems to like me and apparently sends me hampers. Oh and she breaks into my house and destroys the gauntlet near my house like a three year old draws with a crayon. (note to self, get the door lock replaced).

Oh and I’ve got the hierarch and who knows who else breathing down my neck because I’ve hit some very large walls in what appears to be a rather impressive killing of three of the scariest people in town. So the next scariest have decided that I’m the person to look into this. Oh I did I mention the abyssals? Well I best not, good to save some stuff for next time.

So is it time to ask that question?

Hell no.

P.S. Almost forgot, some man, clearly in need of a cheeseburger has decided that children need to be taken away and to punish the parents. I really need to find some better hobbies.

Hunt for a Good Book
Searching for Nunya

With the revelations of the events of the previous week, I showed Syl the past. She had not seen the book that was described by the gang. With Elatha’s aid I glanced into the past to when Syl and her previous investigation party arrived. There it was, the notebook, sitting on a side table. While most of the team was focused on the closed door, one of them pocketed the book. It was a shifty looking man with shifty eyes, I found out later it was Nunya. Nunya was a Mage with plenty of raw power. An Apprentice of Forces, Space and Matter who dabbled in Fate and Mind. Syl would later tell me that he was a paranoid conspiracy nutter that had a broadcast on the radio waves on a daily basis. We were brainstorming ways to get that book to us, when we heard a cough at the back door, Syl was in the process of being sick in response. Elatha and I started for the front door with Syl in tow. Fortunately when we left through the front door. Fortune smiled on us when we left as a LSPD Officer had just walked past the house and disappeared out of sight as we exited the Rayne’s home.

We had lunch at a cheeseburger restaurant at the beach. The cheeseburgers were delicious, Syl found them to be quite bland so settle for a couple of jelly babies instead. Syl drove us back to her place, as Elatha and I formulated a plan. When we arrived at Syl’s place, from the car we saw that her door was open. I asked if she heard a cloister bell, as it turns out she had heard a cloister bell. We went in quietly, there was a delicious smell emanating from the kitchen. We headed there to investigate. It was Syl’s Mystery Stalker, and she was doing something of the most grotesque nature….she…..was…….cooking!

Elatha and I started taking care of business in Syl’s living room, while Syl. She really needs a couch. He decided at a whim to make it my destiny to find Rayne’s notebook, and I added a little luck to the task. I suddenly realised that there could be a book in the library that could help. I told Elatha that I would be back in a minute and left to visit Angelina.

I couldn’t seem to find the book in the Library, maybe Syl has it. I left the library, then Angelina. But, her plans had obviously changed. I was no longer outside a construction yard, but in the middle of a dessert! I looked around and saw an old radar dish with a small shack near it. There were cables between the shack and the dish. As I moved closer to the shack I noticed a horrific smell, as if some kind of animal died in there. I opened the door and there was a corpse on the floor. I recognised it as Nunya, but it looked as though he was squeezed like toothpaste. I looked back in time to see what happened to him. He was reading Rayne’s notebook when there was a knock at the door. Nunya looked shocked and stashed the notebook under the bed. At the door was his dead wife, who just happened to be a vampire came back, talked to him, hugged him, and then squeezed the life out of him, literally. She ran terrified at what she had just done.

I retrieved the book from where it was hidden for the week. I returned to Angelina to have a read of the book. It was fascinating! All the stuff on Atlantis! Rayne believed that Atlantis was right here at San Andreas! Rayne wanted to discuss some history with the leaders of the Werewolves and of the Vampires. This could be what he died for….

I left Angelina, hoping to be back near Syl’s place, I wasn’t. I contacted Syl with my mind. She seemed terrible troubled by this. If I didn’t know any better I would guess that she is a little schizophrenic. She seemed to know where I was and was coming to get me.

There was a howl of towards the North. Wolves maybe, or worse.

Another of to the South, I hope Syl gets here soon.

Another, from yet another direction.

The Werewolves…..




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