Sins of the Fathers

It Never Raynes But It Pours

Memoirs Of Major William Martin

Well I should have foreseen it, the SJ ‘lost’ the package, one simple task and he couldn’t even manage that. Useless. Probably just said he lost it, and actually sold the contents. I don’t care about his kind or the Hispanics or the Asians, as long as they don’t find their way into the hands of the children of hard working Americans. I then also find out that Sylva turned up three hours late, at least she got some beauty sleep.

Sylva and I headed to the murder site. She managed to learn that several arcana were used to create the summoning spell, including Space. I had already suspected a Mage was responsible, but it deffinately wasn’t Rayne.

I had used the mysteries to locate the lock that the other key fitted into. So, I gave instructions to Sylva to get the others to meet at Verona Beech Gym. When we meet I had a quiet word with the blood sucker, told him since the other one had disappeared, maybe he should too, which he took heed to. Heading toward the house Sylva noticed a van parked outside, surveillance. We split up, I headed around to a back ally and, unseen slipped inside the back door. Inside I found a notebook and a basement door. The door was magically warded but I found an Atlanis Ruin that was a password to open the door, I did wait for SJ to trying and kick the door down twice, most amusing. We discovered a sanctum with a vast library in the basement. SJ called Sylva and headed out. I poured over books concerning Atlantis, it seems as though Rayne thought that Atlantis was real, I wonder if it could be. Sylva came down and noticed a book was missing, from it’s location fo where it should be, I could tell it was to do with summoning demons. Sylva seemed under the impression that maybe Rayne was behind the murder. But I know that it was someone that could summon this demon remotely. SJ must have attracted the attention of the men in the van. There was gunfire Sylva and i cleared out, closing the door behind us I tried to open a portal to a safe place, calling for the others to follow, but for some reason only made it outside. I stole the van and drove up close to the house just in time to see SJ pull someone inside. Leaning on the horn and tuning into the police frequency i discovered the police were on their way. Eventually the others got in, and I took off, not a moment too soon. I then found out the bloodsucker was aboard, that guy doesn’t get the hint.

I was halfway to the arena when I heard the police start searching for the van. We dumped it, I instructed SJ to stuff a rag into the gas tank. Then i tried to open a portal but it wouldn’t open. I tried to run away from the approaching sirens but I ended up on the docks, until i turned to make my way to the car where almost instantly.

I must decipher the Hieroglyphs and runes in Rayne notebook and see what the numbers mean.

Confusion Reigns

After I am leavink Pig Pen, Samual, he is runnink back to be goink back inside. I am Stoppink him. Chisi is beink attack by mortal somethink and Samual, he is beink very eager to prove himself. I am convincink him to stay outside and not be gettink involve – investigation at Pig Pen is not finish and we are not wantink to be link to any event beink bad for business.

Later I am findink telephone. Telephone rings and more mortals they are sayink they are knowink what I am beink and they are makink me threat. These mortals, they are knowink that I am wampir, but they are not knowink what wampir is meanink or they are not be makink me threat. I will findink this mortals and showink them what is meanink of wampir. Then they are wishink thay are not knowink what I am beink. Is least I can do.

We are goink to house were box is beink what mortals is wantink. Inside there is beink more mortals. Mortals they are shoutink and shakink weapons at me so I am showink them what is meanink to be wampir. Now they are beink very quiet and givink weapons to me like polite mortal, but one of them is runnink out back door. Samual, he is waitink at back door and mortal he is not runnink anymore. Samual, he is makink terrible mess, but he is young and everybody is makink mess their first time, nyet?

Polite mortal, he is rolling up inside rug and we are putting him in car. Droppink him at warehouse and gettink car fixed, then we are gettink box that look like box before Nunya is callink with first box. Inside first box is beink very fill with Third Eye. Hmmmm…

We are puttink box at drop-off like nice wampir and I am goink home for rest. Mortal friend, they are stayink to watch box and see if other mortals be comink. Chisi, he is disapearink at some point, I am not really rememberink.

Tommorrow, she is beink another night.

Introducing Death
An investigation team has been brought together to look in to the deaths of each races Leader.

I was summoned by the Carl Johnston, the ruthless black that has somehow managed to become the acting hierach. He has instructed me to investigate the death of Rayne. However it seemed that he just didn’t want the blood suckers or the depraved werewolves to handle it.

On arriving at the seen there was a young girl named Sylva, who proved to be a Mage (she will need to be protected). SJ, a nigger werewolf that could not hide the beast within. There cannot be anyone more evil in the world than a commie blood sucker, unfortunately the last person at the scene was exactly that, with some unpronounceable name. It was clearly my responsibility to lead these poor souls, including the soulless. So we began investigating the crime scene, they managed some progress. Rayne had been attacked by what looked like a savage beast, apparently bigger than a werewolf. Evelyn Darrow the werewolf alpha appeared to have been blown up. There was a pile of ash that we suspect belonged to Gabriell Enoch. It seems odd to me that these people had disappeared two days ago but only died less than 24hrs ago. At 9pm another blood sucker turned up, this one Middle Eastern, named Chisisi. Finally the black found two keys on a key ring with two keys. One was for a safety deposit box and the other may be for a house key.

I decided we should follow up on the safety deposit box. The commie blood sucker got rid of the bodies. Sylva rode with me in my pick up, the black and the commie took the blacks car and the other blood sucker went by himself to the Bank of San Fierro. On arriving Sylva waited outside, and the blood suckers seemed to absorb themselves into the shadows. Despite that I can be more discrete, the black insisted on coming into the bank. We went up to the only teller, who directed us to the keyboard to enter the password to gain entry to the safety deposit boxes, and I entered the password Atlantis. We went down to the safety deposit boxes and opened the right box. Inside was a CD, we took it out and went back to SJ’s car to check it out on his laptop. Unfortunately he was unable to find the right program to read it, how difficult can it be? So we went somewhere more discrete so I could use the mysteries to read the CD. It was cctv footage of a strip club, the blood suckers tell me it was a club called the Pig Pen. There was a woman that again the blood suckers tell me it is Lucette Montaigne being handed a notebook from a strange man, it was quite clear but vampires are not supposed to be so easily seen. The next step was clearly a visit to the Pig Pen. Sylva went with Chisisi on his bike, the rest of us went in Sj’s car.

When we arrived, Sylva, Chisisi and the commie went inside to check it out. I used SJ’s laptop to get into the security cameras. Eventually SJ gave in to his lack of self control, a cultural thing most likely, and went into the club. The main act came on………

Section Missing

We need to check were that other key belongs to.


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