Gabriell Enoch

Rich Las Vegas Tycoon


Establishments She Owns

Camerilla Hotel/Casino:
The Hotel which houses her Penthouse haven, originally this hotel was to have a different name, but after her embrace a number of her ideas with this business venture changed. Gabriell chose this name after hearing it from other Kindred, and as a means of ticking off some of the Elder vampires in the community like her Sire since none them want the Camerilla of Rome being mentioned or discussed. However, most local Kindred call the hotel “The Dark Tower” do to it’s gothic and dark fantasy themes in the architecture. The Hotel it’s self is rather large and sits close to all the other major hotels in Las Venturas like the MGM Grand and the Mirage, and Like all Las Venturas Hotels it has a large Casino on the first floor. The entire hotel is very luxurious and holds to a sort of Dark Fantasy, Gothic, or Erotic Fantasy themes with out stepping to far away from being Family Oriented as to not drawn in families to the Hotel. The Hotel also has a large Club/Restaurant combo with a decent sized Dance floor, and a large stage big enough to be used for theater. It is used for the showgirl performances and other performances that have become popular at the hotel. The Hotel has 2 large swimming pools set up one of which is aimed at being Family oriented, and the other considering it is Las Vegas is aimed at the 18+ crowd. This Adult Themed pool is Clothing Optional and has a high fence designed to keep everything inside the pool area hidden so no one outside can see in. This Adult pool holds several late night adult events and entertainment. The Hotel is popular amongst Both the Kine (Humans) and the Kindred (Vampires) for a multitude of reasons which are both the same and different between kine and Kindred. For example the Kindred come to the hotel to gamble just as the Kine do, but most Kindred go to a set of backrooms were a more Kindred version of gambling takes place such as bets using blood (in blood packs or in their ghouls/thralls) and other things of value to the Kindred. In fact nearly every activity in the hotel has it’s Kindred variation, or is in fact a cover for kindred activities. Some of the more controversial late night shows at the Club/Restraunant and the Adult Pool for example are in fact kindred activities merely being disguised in a wrapping that wont break the masquerade.

The EnThralled Nightclub:
A 2 Story nightclub that is only For the 18+ crowd has become one of the most popular attractions in Las Vegas both for the Kine and the Kindred. It has Kindred Bouncers and other Kindred Employees to keep the peace and insure no kindred gets to wild or risks the masquerade this club offers a great way for the Kindred to blend in with the Kine and have some fun. With it’s Erotic Fantasy themes which blend subtlely into the Dark Fantasy the club works a air of Sensual delights and pleasures to dazzle the mind of both Kine and Kindred. Once past the Entry hall and it’s double doors, which are meant to keep the sights inside the main cub from being viewed when the outside doors are opened by bouncers, the club is completely Clothing Optional and the club has locker rooms to store and lock away any clothing and items the guests don’t want to loose. However there is a strict policy of no sex in the main club, and those guests who wish to part take of such things are encouraged to go to the private rooms that are available. There is a decent sized stage on which many shows are held from strip shows to BDSM, and yes even the occassional Band playing music. There is a VIP Member area where guests are told anything goes, but they must pay the membership dues and fill out forms. In truth the Members area is only for Kindred, Ghouls, and certain individuals that the Kindred employees pick out. It is almost truthfully a anything goes area where most Kine that go there wont leave the same. Kine who see the things in this place are usually those who are about to be ghouls, Kindred, or merely the entertainment for the night, and get their minds stripped of the nights activities and replaced with something more fitting to not break the masquerade by a Ventrue Employee.


This black haired beauty has a youthful and stunning body with keen dark eyes to match here raven hair. The hair’s color is only broken by the bright cotten candy pink/purple color dyed along the ends of he hair covering about the last quarter of it. When she wears her hair down rather than done up in a pony tail or the like. The dyed portion even includes the ends of her bangs. Her breasts have a bust that fills half a cup more than a B-cup nearly a C. She has a lovely hour glass figure with all the right curves in all the right places. She gives off a powerful presence of Dominance with a bearing that nearly matches. Though her composure sometimes doesn’t match her presence and bearing slipping into obsession and other emotional states when her delusions/derangements take the forefront in/of her actions.

She often wears skin tight clothing with high heels and long cloaks of heavy fabrics, fur, or velvet. Her clothing often bears colors of Black, Blue, and Purples or Dark Pinks. All designed to help give and establish a air of sexuality and dominance with the presence and bearing she gives. Which often establishes a almost Dominatrix feel to her with many people, and this at times is even what she is trying to go for. Though She tries at the same time in her clothing to exert a regal or privileged look like she comes from weathly or regal stock instead of having had to work for it. Which is sometihng to be expected given her vampire clan.

Gabriell Enoch

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