A Fae Mage



Int 3 | Wits 3 | Res 2

Str 1 | Dex 3 | Stam 2

Pre 1 | Man 3 | Com 4


Academics 1 | Investigate 3 | Occult 1 | Science (Physics) 2

Athletics 1 | Firearms 1 | Larceny 1 | Stealth 4

Empathy 2 | Expression (Classical Dance) 2 | Persuasion (Fast Talking) 3 | Subterfuge 2


Fate 5 | Mind 2 | Prime 1 | Time 2


High Speech 1 | Sanctum <security> 5


Probable Cause 10 V 1M | Fortunate Timing 11 C | Interconnections 11 C | The Sybil’s Sight 9 C | Swearing an Oath 9 C | Aura Perception 7 C | Third Eye 7 C | Forge Destiny 11 C 1M | Fortune’s Protection 10 1M(Opt) | Winds of Chance 10 C



Born to a white-collar family on the northern beaches of Sydney, he and his twin brother lived a fairly normal childhood. Both were exceptional students, though Elatha was what be could be classed as different. He had an ‘imaginary’ friend through the early years of his childhood, a fairie named Cichol Gricenchos. Cichol led him on many adventures through the woods in the local area, taught him dance and sing strange songs and even showed him a few ‘tricks’.

In the first years of school Elatha learnt that friends no one else could see were strange and you were ridiculed for having them. He ignored Cichol until he thought he had gone away and for many years it was like he had.

Both Elatha and his brother excelled at school, graduated with dux and went on to do physics at Monash. Graduating with first class honours both went on to do a Doctorate.


Elatha’s thesis for his doctorate was on cutting edge quantum physics, relating to singularities and theoretical work of that vein. He had been working closely with his brother and was making huge progress, with his theory almost reaching completion. He became driven, not sleeping for days on end, attempting to create a complete theory.

It was a Wednesday night, he was at his computer entering what should be the final calculations, just as he realised the missing link he blinked and was no longer in his chair, but back in the woods of his childhood, though it was wilder, primal, ancient. The trees were ancient and twisted and dew hung heavy in the air and sitting on an old and rotted log was Cichol, ‘we’ve been waiting’ he said, ‘your time has finally come’. ‘You are touched by the Fae, the tower awaits you, I’ll be here when you return, but you must head on alone’, he pointed along a twisted path. Elatha, still reeling from what was happening began to walk along the path. The situation was not helped by the quantum physics swirling around his head, but now it seemed like a dream, any moment not spent thinking about it caused the exact recollection to become hazier and hazier.

Walking along the path, that final breakthrough he had made lost all meaning and he felt a freedom he had not felt since his early childhood. After travelling along the path it opened up to a clearing with a huge, twisted oak tree. Surrounding the trunk of this ancient tree were uncountable names and marks, Elatha felt a tugging, pulling him towards the tree, picking up a fallen twig along the way, when he reached the tree his hand was almost compelled to inscribe on a space on the tree ELATHA, not burning in or writing upon the tree, but it appeared as though it was revealing what was already grown into the tree, as though it was there waiting for him.

As soon as he had finished, no more than a blink and he was back in his chair, though it was different, a life-time away.

He turned and saw sitting on the bookcase behind him, Cichol, ‘well let’s clean up here and blow this popsicle stand’.

Elatha’s room was found the next day, with everything destroyed, all the information regarding his physics work irrecoverable, no trace of Elatha could be found and he was thought dead (though his brother never believed it), until years later when his brother was back in Sydney and decided to visit Luna Park, approaching one of the stands, he saw a figure he would know anywhere, a bit hairier, a bit dirtier, but there he was, Elatha was alive and reunited with his brother.


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