A somewhat amoral investigator


Character Name: Valerie Brown Shadow Name: Sylva Concept: Amoral Investigator Path : Thyrsus Parent Order: Apostate Curent Order : Adamantine Arrow Rote Specializations: Adamantine Arrow Faction: The Crucible

Virtue : Fortitude Vice : Wrath Gnosis : 1

Size : 5 Speed : 10 Init. Mod: 5 Defense : 2 Armor : 0 / 0

Health : 7 Willpower: 5 Mana : 8 Mana Bleed: 0 Wisdom : 7 Flaw: Addiction

Mental Attributes

Intelligence: 3 Wits : 3 Resolve : 2

Physical Attributes

Strength : 3 Dexterity: 2 Stamina : 2

Social Attributes

Presence : 2 Manipulation: 2 Composure : 3

Mental Skills

Investigation : 3 Medicine : 4 Occult (Ghosts): 4

Physical Skills

Athletics : 3 Brawl (Kung Fu): 4

Social Skills

Intimidation (Bluster): 2 Socialize : 1 Streetwise : 1


Death : 1 Life : 3 Spirit : 3


Speak with the Dead (Death 1) (Mys) Forensic Gaze (Death 1) (FC) Honing the Form (Life 3) (FC) Cleanse the Body (Life 1) (AA) Self Healing (Life 2) (AA) Body Control (Life 2) (AA) Purify Bodies (Life 2) (Mys) Healing Heart (Life 3) (Mys) Transform Self (Life 3) (AA) Read Spirit (Spirit 2) (AA) Exorcist’s Eye (Spirit 1) (GotV) Second Sight (Spirit 1) (SL) Spirit Tongue (Spirit 1) (Mys) Gossamer Touch (Spirit 2) (FC) Ephemeral Shield (Spirit 2) (AA) Peer across the Gauntlet (Spirit 2) (Mys) Healer’s Trance (Life 1) (GotV) Self-Purging (Life 2) (Mys) Banish Plague (Life 3) (Mys) Soul Marks (Death 1) (AA)


High Speech : 1 Eidetic Memory : 2 FS: Kung Fu : 4 Sanctum <size> : 2 Sanctum <security> : 2 Contacts : 3 Hallow : 2 Library : 2 Mentor : 1 Resources: 1


Band of Armoured Thought

Description: A plain ring of silver — that erects a Mind 2 “Mental Shield” when the Band’s command word (differing from ring to ring) is spoken aloud, however quietly. Type: Imbued Item Level: 3 (xp: 6) Spells in the Item: Mental Shield (Mind 2) (Contingent: Pull Gn+2)

Durability: 2 (Base: 2) Size: 0 (Base: 0) Structure: 2 (Base: 2)


Valerie Brown Shadow Name: Sylva

Valerie was born out east, though she doesn’t talk about it in too much detail. She was born to wealthy parents (Janet and Terrence), though they wouldn’t admit to having her as a daughter. They tried to instil a sense of decorum and propriety into their wayward daughter. She took up martial arts as a way of satisfying their need for her discipline. At 19 she and some friends went down to South America for a jungle party and holiday. During this holiday she disappeared for 3 weeks. Authorities assumed she had been kidnapped though thought it strange, no ransom was asked for. For Valerie, she awakened, the jungle called and the experience was painful but it was without boundaries, was everything.

When she returned her parents were initially relieved, but eventually horrified how their daughter changed. She no longer cared for her family’s reputation nor the societal rules forced on her. Her mentor Lifebinder suggested they head out west away from her distracting family. An ‘incident’ occurred and her parents disowned her. Taken into the Adamantine Arrow by her mentor she threw herself into her studies with frightening determination. Strangely enough she initially pledged herself to the Cruicible. Though strict about duties there were precious few of them based in San Andreas so she revelled in the freedom from her peers. Because of her affinity for the spirit realm she was tasked with investigating Spirit related matters. She worked partly with the Guardians of the Veil in maintain secrecy by dealing with spirits. Through each of the cases and in dealing with the new problems she doesn’t have to deal with any of her problems and is not tied down to anything specific.

FLAWS: ADDICTION (SMOKING), EMBARASSING SECRET Strangely for a Thyrsus and Adamantine Arrow Valerie smokes. When pushed on the details she simply doesn’t say anything. The truth if it got out would be rather embarrassing, but as part of a case she made a wager with an apparently weak spirit. The wager wasn’t for anything big and could have gone differently, but the spirit (Mestgos) knew that Valerie took pride in her body and so bet her a destructive habit. In the end she still got the information and a shiny ring to boot (Band of the Armoured Mind), but Mestgos occasionally scrys on her to make sure she is keeping up on her deal. Which to his surprise she is, though every morning in her hallow she purges the toxins from her body she still smokes and coughs.


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