Sins of the Fathers

What Lies Beneath

An ominous discovery

Elatha had woken up first and turned on the lights. Sure enough, once we woke up the two statues were still there staring back. We decided to check out the statues and the door again. We tried studying the runes, we could read “Danger”, “Vrill’ya” or Mage, and before that a word that seemed to mean negative, as in not. With further inspection we worked out the runes meant that mages could not open the door.

We cast some minor mage sight spells to help solve the riddles with the mysteries and cast our gaze towards the statues. We first noticed that by chanting the ancient High Speech the statues appeared to be waking up. Syl could see protective spells placed on the statues but could not quite work out what. I could also see that they were not meant to wake up for another 1037 years, 3 months, 2 days, 4 hours, 17 minutes and 26 .4 seconds. They had been sleeping for 3962 years, 8 months, 28 days, 19 hours, 42 minutes and 33.6 seconds. There were conditional clauses to wake the statues up early and we seemed to have triggered one. By focusing on Fate I could see that some causes included someone leaving the door or a mage trying to enter the door.

Elatha came up with the idea that since they were waking up when we chanted in High Speech, perhaps vulgar magic would wake them up completely. I was happy to oblige. I channeled time into my limbs accelerating my body well beyond any sleeper could imagine. I could run at about a third of the speed of sound! And I did! It was awesome!

However that didn’t help with the door and I suddenly felt a more pressing need to get inside that door. I thought that since the previous door required some mage blood, or blood with mana in it, to open, this door might require blood without mana. With Syl recently drained of mana, is suggested she use any remaining mana within her blood and try using her blood on the door. When she cooperated she was a little slow, so I gladly assisted her. It didn’t work. Then I thought maybe we should smear the blood on the crystals. Oily rag in hand, Syl reached for the crystal in the chest of the statue without the spear. Closer and closer she reached until was almost in touching the crystal when the statue moved. It grabbed both of her hands in a tight grip. She was trapped and couldn’t put the oily rag to her mouth to take a drag.

Syl went to reach around the statues arms to take the oily rag from her hand, when I quickly snatched it out of her hand and put it out with my shoe, telling her it was bad for her health. Elatha promptly lit one of his own oily rags. This seemed to make syl angry, she turned her arm into a snake and slipped free. Then she picked up her oily rag. As she drew it to her mouth the thing grew to its original length and lit up with a burst of flame from the oily rag itself. In the mean time the statue had returned to its cross armed pose.

Elatha decided to get some of the blood and casually walk up and touch the crystal on the statue. It was now that I decided I might need my diplomatic immunity and called upon the mysteries to obtain it. When Elatha reached for the crystal, the statue promptly slapped him for his attempt. He then tried to flick the blood onto the crystal from a safe distance, but the blood did not want to land on the crystal. Syl wanted to go back to the city and still some human blood, however that would take too long. I suggested that she turn herself and Elatha green again and then try to come at one statue from three directions. She agreed, and promptly turned Elatha green and then herself. It’s not easy being green. Syl suddenly decided she didn’t need our help to smear the crystal.

She approached the statue, when she got close both statues moved in response. Talking in High Speech one statue said “Leave” as the other statue hit Syl with the butt of the spear. The first statue stepped in front of the door blocking the path. The second cautioned Syl off. I turned my sonic screwdriver on and leveled it at the spear, I would not allow him to use it again. Elatha told the statue in high speech to “Stand aside” which the statue responded with “Do not command me” in High Speech. Elatha, again in High Speech said “Please”. Again the Statue responded with “Do not command me” in High Speech. This time in English, Elatha pleaded “It was a request not a command”. The second statue told us “Leave” in English. Syl must have backed off far enough as the spear wielding statue returned to its original position. Feeling frustrated Elatha threw his shoe at the first statue. The statue caught it and would not return it.

Syl had walked and lit up one of Elatha’s oily rags. A few moments later I heard a voice say “Spit”. It seemed to be in my head, but then I heard Syl actually spit. Elatha suggested using the corkscrew to remove a crystal. Syl said she had made a way to get in but had to wait. I said I would try the corkscrew as time was of the essence. I walked up to the statue and reached up to the crystal with the corkscrew. As I drew closer, the statue, ignoring my diplomatic immunity, punched me. I stumbled back with the wind knocked out of me. When I caught my breath, I stood up. I could feel my anger and wraith building inside me. I leveled my sonic screw driver at the statue, with the help of the mysteries the statue blinked out of existence. I knew it would be two years before the statue would returned.

Syl sat down to wait, she seemed convinced there was nothing else to do. Elatha pulled out some marbles and started to throw them wildly around the room. My need for urgency seemed to fade. I decided to explore the rest of the ruins. The best I could tell is that all the other rooms in side passages were cells. This whole place was a prison of some kind. So what is in the other room? Could it be an inmate? If so it must be the one that needs the most secure confinement. Or could it be the Warden? Someone so powerful, that he could keep this place running and a secret.
After a few hours exploring I returned to the chamber where Syl and Elatha were. When I made it back into the chamber I heard a sound. Elatha seemed to hear it too. It was coming from the cave.

Elatha and I headed towards the entrance of the cave where it meets the ruins. We could hear someone stumble down the cave. Syl had followed uninterestingly behind us. I called out, but got no response. Elatha and I headed down the cave. We found a man that had passed out, he had succumbed to the fowl air of the cave. He was wearing what looked like the uniform of a council worker. We picked him up and carried him to the fresh air in the ruins. Syl seemed unsurprised about this man’s appearance in the ruins. Conveniently, when we need a sleeper, one appeared for us.

He woke up, and seemed a bit surprised to see us down here, but a little more surprised to see the ruins down here. He said his name was George. He then demanded to know what authority we had to be down here. I pulled out papers saying we were from the USGS (United States Geological Survey). He seemed happy with that. Syl said we should get him to the door. We took him down there. He walked up to it and a door knob formed, he twisted the knob and pushed the door open. Thank you George.

We headed into the room, I told George to wait closer to the entrance. There was a sarcophagus in the centre of the room. Around the room were little alcoves, one of which seemed to have a slight breeze coming from it. Elatha used the Mysteries to see were the threads connecting the spiders were joined too. He said it was George, but that didn’t make sense to us. He then quietly said “We should kill George”. Unfortunately Syl responded loudly by saying “We are not going to kill George”. Unfortunately George heard this, said “What the fuck?” he then turned and ran out the door. It was then we remembered what the triggers were to wake up the statues. The only statue now, the one with the spear, turned and thrust the spear into George’s side as he tried to run. I was reacting before when he started to run. I had brought the sonic screw driver up and leveled it at George. I reached to hour glass of time and upturned it for a moment, returning the most recently dropped sands back into the bulb of the future. I heard once again, Elatha say “We should kill George”. I quickly slapped my hand over Syl’s mouth and put a finger to my lips to shush her. I quietly and severely told them to stop talking about killing and called George down to us.

I asked George to accompany Syl to the alcove with breeze in it and check it out. Elatha went and checked out the sarcophagus and I went to look at the other alcoves. I found that there were some reasonably well preserved remains in some of the alcoves. Elatha had attempted to open the sarcophagus but could not budge it. I went over to have a look for symbols on the sarcophagus. There were none on the golden lid, but they were all over the sides. George said he thought we were geologists not archaeologists. I told him I was a geologist and I usually brought my friend El, the archaeologist, along on trips. He seemed to buy that but I could tell he was a little afraid of being here and maybe a little of us. He came up, with Elatha’s prompting to the sarcophagus to see if he recognized anything. We found the Atlantean rune for “Tremere” on the sides. I knew that the Tremere Lich was a left handed legacy but Syl seemed more afraid of this and begun looking for the rune for “Legacy”. Elatha wanted to open it but Syl said no. It was now George decided to leave. I ordered Syl to stop him. She tackled him to the ground near the entrance. I put the sonic screwdriver to the back of his head. Elatha put his hand out of the door the statue started to move to stop him leaving. Seeing the statue move seemed to make George even more aggravated. With the help of the Mysteries I encouraged him to sleep.



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