Sins of the Fathers

The Awakening

A Mage renewed

With George unconscious we started to discuss the sarcophagus. Elatha clearly wanted to open it, Syl definitely did not. I was sitting on the fence, I could see the benefits of both arguments. I suggested Syl see if anything was alive in the sarcophagus. She decided to use a fair bit of time to try this. In the meantime Elatha tried to convince me to open the sarcophagus. It would be far too heavy for me however. I studied the runes a little more but only made out Urfarah. The Father Wolf? What has the Werewolves historical leader got to do with this Tremere? Or this ancient place that requires a mage to get into? How does this tie in with Rayne’s disappearance? This trip is raising more questions than it answers.

I decided to check the crack in the wall. It seemed to go in about a foot before opening up and then another foot before opening again. With my arm all the way through, I felt something smooth brush against my wrist. I withdrew my hand slowly. I shone my light inside the crack but the beam would not reflect of any surface. The crack itself seemed like it was formed by that recent earthquake.

When I returned to the sarcophagus, Elatha had started casting a long spell of his own. I decided to spend my time studying the sarcophagus some more. There was something about the moon and changelings. There was a sentence about the Exarches breaking off from the supernal realm to prevent a war. It seems a war was brewing between the werewolves and the vampires in Atlantis itself. More study needs to be done on this.

Syl had finished casting but couldn’t tell me if anything was alive in there or not. I decided to delve into the mysteries and see if I could find any conscious thought around the sarcophagus. There it was, just a glimmer of consciousness, as if in a coma. Whoever is in there is from Atlantis.

After Elatha finished casting, we all had different ideas about what to do next. Elatha wanted to open it, Syl wanted to take it to the authorities and let them worry about what is inside. Personally, I wanted to study the sarcophagus before deciding. Unfortunately, Elatha managed to convince Syl to open the Sarcophagus, so study was no longer an option. Elatha and Syl pushed with all their might, just trying to edge the lid off. It took an immense amount of effort for them to finally get a crack open large enough for us me to look in. It seemed as if Syl was doing all the work.

Inside I could see the ancient rags, which still seemed to be well preserved. As Syl and Elatha continued to inch the lid further off, I could see more and more. There were the rags, then there was a body, you could see the dried and decayed skin covering parts of the bones, and then the gold jewellery. There were earrings, bracelets and necklaces made from gold and a headband that didn’t match the rest of the jewellery. Once the lid was far enough across we could see the comatose body. Syl decided to use the mysteries to determine the cause of death. She seemed surprise to find that there was no cause of death. She also seemed surprised that both Elatha and I already knew the body was alive. Perhaps if she was a Master…

The comatose body was breathing quite regularly, about once a minute. Syl walked away from the sarcophagus. Elatha decided to reach into the sarcophagus and pull out the headband. When he pulled it out we both looked at it. There were some High Speech runes on it that seemed to read “Gift from the moon”. I reached in and pulled out a bracelet, there seemed to be some moisture in the sarcophagus. The bracelet had nothing written on it, it was just decorative. Elatha put the headband back on the body, I followed and put the bracelet back on the arm. The skin seemed to be growing back across the bone. Elatha must have seen it as well. This body is….regenerating.

We spent about an hour trying to decide what to do next. An arm shot up out of the sarcophagus. It was not anywhere near as decayed as it was before. With a simple shove, the arm had pushed the lid of the sarcophagus off without any effort at all. We raced over to the sarcophagus to see a man that was in his 60’s staring up at us. We tried to talk to him but he didn’t seem to understand and we didn’t know how any words in High Speech sounds. I thought of one “Vrill’ya”. When I said it, the body looks like he understood. He seemed confused when I said Tremere though. He was de-ageing as we spoke. He still seemed week but tried to get out of the sarcophagus. With Elatha’s help he got out and sat down, he seemed to want water. We gave him a bottle of water, he drank it too fast and choked on it. We managed to get him to drink slower. Once he had finished the bottle he looked as if he was in his thirties. Syl put her hand to her chest and said “Sylvia”, then pointed to Elatha and said “Elatha”, then to me and said “Doctor”. The man said “Tremere”.

Tremere got up, and started walking toward the entrance. When he got to the entrance, the statue turned towards him. It was about to thrust the spear, but Tremere said something in High Speech. The Statue returned the spear and turned back to his position, he then fell to pieces, literally. Syl grabbed George as Tremere charged on, with the three of us in tow. When we got out to the chamber with the large chandeliers, I stopped Tremere. I gestured for me to try and telepathically communicate with him. As I was about to draw on the mysteries, Tremere was in my head. I asked about him and how he got locked up. He brought Syl and Elatha into the conversation, but dropped Elatha out when he was weird. Tremere explained that he was a scientist from Atlantis. He was in love with Luna the wife of Urfarah, the Chief of Police. Urfarah was also a Mage who created the “Changers”, or from what I gathered Werewolves, to come after Tremere. Tremere in turn created the “nightsiders” or Vampires. So the Werewolves and the Vampires were created by two Mages that were going to war. Although the Exarches shattered the Silver Ladder to prevent a war, probably this one. Tremere wants to see how the world has changed.

We started to walk but Tremere was impatient. He opened up a portal to outside the cave. He said in English that there was something blocking his magic. Syl then explained the abyss and its effects on magic. We stepped through and arrived outside the cave entrance. There was a body lying next to the portal, next to the body was a shriveled up spider. We could here sirens. It sounded as if San Fierro had gone to hell. Tremere said he needed sustenance. Syl showed him a picture in her mind of her house. He opened up a portal, he was being annoyed about the abyss. We went to Syl’s house, around the back near the tree. Tremere stepped inside the tree. Syl and I ate some of the nuts lying around.

Syl called CJ, it did not seem like a polite conversation. When Tremere got out from inside the tree, Elatha got him some clothes. Tremere was impressed by Elatha drawing a door with some chalk. Tremere wanted to Rayne’s Library. We decided that we would drop Elatha and Tremere off at Rayne’s place, and then Syl and I would go on and meet CJ.

CJ was not too pleased with our progress. He told us the there were 2,000 dead in San Fierro. Syl informed him of the current development, leaving out the bit about where Tremere was. He told us our sole job was to locate the creature from the Sarcophagus. We left and went a roundabout route to Rayne’s place, suspecting a mundane tail. Elatha was walking down the street. We stopped and he got in. He told us the Tremere wanted to see the head of the Vampires.

So Tremere wants to see the head of the Vampires and CJ wants to see Tremere. We still don’t know what happened to the previous heads of the three races. With the political situation on the island and the wealth of knowledge Tremere can provide…. I do not believe it is a good idea to introduce Tremere to any of the three ruling leaders….Individually.



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