Sins of the Fathers

Hunt for a Good Book

Searching for Nunya

With the revelations of the events of the previous week, I showed Syl the past. She had not seen the book that was described by the gang. With Elatha’s aid I glanced into the past to when Syl and her previous investigation party arrived. There it was, the notebook, sitting on a side table. While most of the team was focused on the closed door, one of them pocketed the book. It was a shifty looking man with shifty eyes, I found out later it was Nunya. Nunya was a Mage with plenty of raw power. An Apprentice of Forces, Space and Matter who dabbled in Fate and Mind. Syl would later tell me that he was a paranoid conspiracy nutter that had a broadcast on the radio waves on a daily basis. We were brainstorming ways to get that book to us, when we heard a cough at the back door, Syl was in the process of being sick in response. Elatha and I started for the front door with Syl in tow. Fortunately when we left through the front door. Fortune smiled on us when we left as a LSPD Officer had just walked past the house and disappeared out of sight as we exited the Rayne’s home.

We had lunch at a cheeseburger restaurant at the beach. The cheeseburgers were delicious, Syl found them to be quite bland so settle for a couple of jelly babies instead. Syl drove us back to her place, as Elatha and I formulated a plan. When we arrived at Syl’s place, from the car we saw that her door was open. I asked if she heard a cloister bell, as it turns out she had heard a cloister bell. We went in quietly, there was a delicious smell emanating from the kitchen. We headed there to investigate. It was Syl’s Mystery Stalker, and she was doing something of the most grotesque nature….she…..was…….cooking!

Elatha and I started taking care of business in Syl’s living room, while Syl. She really needs a couch. He decided at a whim to make it my destiny to find Rayne’s notebook, and I added a little luck to the task. I suddenly realised that there could be a book in the library that could help. I told Elatha that I would be back in a minute and left to visit Angelina.

I couldn’t seem to find the book in the Library, maybe Syl has it. I left the library, then Angelina. But, her plans had obviously changed. I was no longer outside a construction yard, but in the middle of a dessert! I looked around and saw an old radar dish with a small shack near it. There were cables between the shack and the dish. As I moved closer to the shack I noticed a horrific smell, as if some kind of animal died in there. I opened the door and there was a corpse on the floor. I recognised it as Nunya, but it looked as though he was squeezed like toothpaste. I looked back in time to see what happened to him. He was reading Rayne’s notebook when there was a knock at the door. Nunya looked shocked and stashed the notebook under the bed. At the door was his dead wife, who just happened to be a vampire came back, talked to him, hugged him, and then squeezed the life out of him, literally. She ran terrified at what she had just done.

I retrieved the book from where it was hidden for the week. I returned to Angelina to have a read of the book. It was fascinating! All the stuff on Atlantis! Rayne believed that Atlantis was right here at San Andreas! Rayne wanted to discuss some history with the leaders of the Werewolves and of the Vampires. This could be what he died for….

I left Angelina, hoping to be back near Syl’s place, I wasn’t. I contacted Syl with my mind. She seemed terrible troubled by this. If I didn’t know any better I would guess that she is a little schizophrenic. She seemed to know where I was and was coming to get me.

There was a howl of towards the North. Wolves maybe, or worse.

Another of to the South, I hope Syl gets here soon.

Another, from yet another direction.

The Werewolves…..





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