Sins of the Fathers

Descent into Darkness

What lies below San Fierro?

Elatha and I started looking for a safe way down. I called out to Syl again, this time she didn’t sound so good. Elatha decided to through caution to wind and slid down, I thought that looked like fun. When we got to the bottom, Syl was at our feet. There were spiders everywhere, as far as the eye could see. But they were only in the shadows. Even when we shined our torches on them, they scampered into the darkness. Every species in the universe has an illogical fear of the dark, from what I’m seeing now they are wrong, it is perfectly logical. These spiders were about as large as a bird eating spider but white in colour, and hairless. Giant Arachnid Vashta Nerrada. It looked like Syl had been bitten. The two little bits were oozing a black substance, and her veins were visible and black right up her right arm. I helped her to her feet, as I did a drop of the black substance oozed from her hand and dropped on my shoe. It spread for a second and dried, as if it was turning to dust. I helped Syl back up to the entrance, while Elatha held back the spiders by staring at them. I got Syl back to Angelina. In there she dropped some more of thst ooze onto the ground, again it just turned to dust. I asked her not to get any of that on the floor. I connected with Elatha, he told me he was going to go deeper into the cave. I asked him to wait and I would go with him. Syl knows a lot about the Life Arcanum and would be fine.

I returned to the cave opening, inside the spiders seemed to have encircled Elatha, but they were not attacking. As I moved down, the spiders were moving up, but they avoided me. I joined Elatha an we started heading down the cave. The cave turned to the left and continued to descend. The cave was dirty at the entrance but then became dry. As we descended further and further the air became denser and heavier. Elartha started to struggle and stumble as we bouldered around the large pieces of debris strewn about the floor that had fused with cave from centuries of groundwater acting on this hidden system. I had to evoke the mysteries to help Elatha make it. But Elatha insisted we keep striving forward. Looking back we could see a light coming from behind us. We heard an echo of Syl’s voice call out. Using the cave walls to talk to each other we decided to continue separately and let Syl catch us. It got harder and harder to continue. I had to keep supporting Elatha as we went. He seemed just about to succumb to carbon dioxide poisoning when Syl showed up. She had managed to catch us. I was pleased to see that her veins were no longer black and the two little holes were no longer dripping black puss, or there at all. However, it was a little concerning the she was, well, green, a deep shade of green. A green that is… what’s that colour? It’s the colour of the British Aston Martins, the racing ones, oh what is it called? Oh, oh, oh British Racing Green. She decided to help out Elatha and made him the same colour, although could understand why he was now British Racing Green. Nor could i, but if it works. They were still both struggling with their breath but did not seem to have a problem with the excess carbon dioxde in the air.

We continue forward. After 2 hours 47 minutes and 15.43 seconds, the cave started to have more defined edges, even walls and a roof. From the time frame and the general direction we were travelling, I estimated that we were directly under the CBD of San Fierro. There was brickwork on the floor. I had a look at the brickwork, it was old, impossibly old, older than anything I have seen on this island. The bricks were older than the limestone we have been trekking across all this time. We continued further into the cavern. After a further 27 minutes and 28.31 seconds we discovered that chamber was much larger. On the roof were two rows of chandeliers that were equidistant from each other and the walls. There were a few other passages joining this cavern from the sides. The light of our torches finally seemed to find the end of the cavern. There was a metal door. We got to the door and discovered that it wasn’t metal at all but stone. There were Atlantian runes around the frame, Elathe took out the Rayne’s notebook and began to study them. He had suggested that Syl should run full pelt at the door, which would open it. The only one i could make out was “Danger”. I examined the door. Elatha found the Antlantian words “Behind”, “Door” and “Vril’ya”. This led me to remember the novel called Vril, about the subterrainian race. This is likely one of their subterranean cities. Elatha drew a circle on the stone, and then smudged it for some reason. I worked out the door was made out of orichalum. An ancient stone that was believed to be used along with gold and silver to construct Atlantis. We worked out that the door needed to absorb some mana to open it. Realising that there is mana flowing through our very blood, Elatha cut the soft skin under his finger nails. He smudged the blood on the door, the blood seemed to be absorbed by the orichalcum door. A door knob appeared where Elatha had drawn the chalk circle. He grabbed the door knob, turned and pushed.

There was a corridor behind the tunnel. On the walls were narrow, black panals. Closer inspection revealed that just behind the black seemed to be shimmering colours. Syl poked it and the colours seemed to spread along the bands. I held my hand on the panel, and the colours continued to spread, making the colour brighter. They lit up the room to a point where we no longer needed the torches. The panels were linked on either side. We continued further forward, holding our hands against the black panels. The corridor opened up, the panels continued around the sides, up the walls and across the roof. There were two statues on the other side of the room in front of another orichalcum door. When we ventured closer to the door and statues, we could see there was a crystal in the skull of one of the statue that had crossed arms. The second statue that held a spear had a crystal in its skull, and another in its chest. There were two more holes for crystals it the statues shoulders. The crystals had Atlantian runes that read as “Defender”, “Magic”, and “Mundane”. There also seemed to be a light within the crystals. We realised that it was 11:54pm San Andreas Time. Elatha curled up in the corner, while Syl and I let the lights go out. Syl decided to keep watch for four hours and then woke me up. I decided it wasn’t necessary so went back to sleep.



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