Sins of the Fathers

Conclusions and Revelations

It all comes out in the end

After a good night’s rest, Angelina still had not moved. I went through my morning rituals and then over to Syl’s to do my other rituals. Syl arrived home, I assume after spending the night at Mrs Mison’s house. As predicted she was exhausted. She put breakfast on then passed out on her bed. That Elatha wasn’t with her, however, Miss Syl’s Mystery Stalker knocked on the door. She had a gift hamper, and asked to come in. I said no, she then offered for me to pass on the hamper, which I agreed to after I had determined it wasn’t a bomb. I laid out all the Items neatly around Syl. Finally I checked the police files to find out if any of the missing children had siblings. Only David Wilson did, a 10 year old sister at the time. I got the last known address and took Syl’s car to San Fierro.

After a two hour, twenty-seven minute and fifteen second drive, I arrived at the address. I’m my way up to the apartment I tried opening my eyes to the mysteries but the attempt failed to hold. I tried again, this time succeeding only to see a woman trying to stop me using my spells. I confronted her, she was annoyed that I came into her territory and was casting spells. Her name was Tsi, she was a part of The August Mansion. She insisted I speak to Wu Zi.

We went down stairs and got into Tzi’s Transam. We took off, Tzi hugged the corners, performed smooth racing changes. Even in the overcrowded China Town, the people just seemed to step out of her way at the right time. She pulled into an underground garage and parked next to a lift. She instructed me to go up. I did.

The lift opened up to what I first thought was a Chinese restaurant, I then noticed that the furniture didn’t fit into Chinese restaurant, or the walls, or any of the rest of the decor. There was an old Chinese man whom I assumed was Wu Zi. He gestured for me to sit down, and then made some tea. It was Chinese tea but not bad. I apolgised for encroaching on his territory, and then explained why I was in San Fierro. Finally he said the only words I heard him say “One Day”. He then left, after waiting a minute, I too left by the lift.

When I got back to the garage, Tzi’s Transam was waiting for me, facing the other direction now. Curious about Wu Zi’s cryptic response I asked Tzi what it meant. She told me I had a day to find out what I needed too. She asked why I wanted to talk to Amy Wilson. She said something about Syl being on an important mission from CJ, and that I was supposed to be helping. When I told her she seemed pissed off. She stopped suddenly and got out of her car to make a phone call. Whoever she was talking too, she was clearly pissed off. She kicked a garbage bin and got back into the car. I think Syl is in trouble.

When we arrived back at Amy Wilson’s apartment, I got out and Tzi took off, so much for help. I headed up again. An again opening my eyes to the mysteries. I also tried a little luck and made some psychic paper. I knocked on the door and announced myself as a Los Santos PD. Amy answered the door and I produced my psychic paper, thank you Christopher Eccelston. After some initial questions she let me in. When I explained that I was investigating the cold case from a new angle, Amy produced a file, with drawing of the slender man. She said that her brother had drawn these and that at the time he had told her that the slender man would save them from their abusive father. After a brief discussion, I left, her eyes were full of hope. When I got outside I could feel Elatha’s mind ask me “Where?”. I decided to contact him and jumped to his mind. First thing was me critising him for one useless word. We had a bit of a discussion with him talking to Syl at the same time. We decided to meet at Syl’s place as soon as possible.

After two hours, twenty seven minutes and fifteen seconds, I arrived back at Syl’s place. I arrived at the same time as myself. When we meet up with Syl inside, she seemed a little distracted by something. I let them know about my trip to San Fierro and Elatha told us about his meeting with a thirteen year old boy from the preschool. After this exchange I asked Syl about what the mission CJ put her on. She eventually explained after I recounted my experience with Tsi. We decided that we had hit a dead end as far as the missing children go. We decided to have a look at Rayne’s place.

We arrived at the place Syl said was Rayne’s house. It was covered in police tape and there was a cop watching the back entrance. So we went into the front, the place was trashed. Apparently it was not left like this by Syl and her companions. I looked back in time, guided by fate. I saw that someone had broke into the place before about a week earlier. A gang of thugs, led by a young Mage. The Mage told the others to search for a notebook. They trashed the place, the Mage walked up to a door and blew a way into Rayne’s Sanctum with a powerful artifact. He emerged a short time later, quite furious. When one of his gang questioned the Mage, the Mage killed him with magic. I must find that notebook.



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