Sins of the Fathers

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

So many choices

Syl started driving towards her house. We started to discuss what we are going to do. Syl and I thought we should get some sleep. Elatha however, decided he should go and see the head of the Vampires. Elatha asked to be let out of the car. He got out and we continued on to Syl’s place. Syl pretty much went straight to bed. I decided I might refine this spell I have been working on. After a while I decided to fall asleep in her chair.

I woke up to Syl coughing. Elatha had just walked in the door. Syl started making demands about where her new couch went. Even though the couch was right there, next to me, right there. She seemed delirious. The sleep must not have been that good. I went outside to do my morning oblations. It felt good to revive myself after so many days without. Syl was rather impatient, it seems she did not get up on the right side of the bed. We got into the car and Syl started driving, heading to Rayne’s place. On the way, we started to discuss the pros and cons for our three main options.

Option 1, we introduce Tremere to the head of the Vampires. Now that will make Tremere happy, unfortunately CJ and the Mages, as well as the Werewolves and even the Vampires will be pissed off by this. Tremere might try and take control of the Vampires. That would be bad.
Option 2, we take Tremere to meet CJ. That will make CJ happy, but probably not Tremere. Who actually said he didn’t want to meet CJ. CJ will likely try and use Tremere for his own ends, which is not likely to be good for anyone but CJ. So this would leave Tremere, the Vampires and the Werewolves pissed off.

Option 3, we introduce Tremere to all three ruling leaders of the races of San Andreas. This has an advantage of not letting each leader to claim they have been kept in the dark. This is however likely to piss off Tremere, CJ, the Mages, the Vampires and the Werewolves. All of these options could lead to all out war between the three races. But the three of us agreed this would be the best course of action.

There was a newsflash on the Radio about the missing children appearing in Glen Park. Some of the children were wearing old fashioned clothes dating back over 100 years. The children that match missing person’s reports don’t seem to have aged. So it seems the Slender Man has released all the children. It seems quite odd that the time the Slender Man releases the children is just after Tremere rises and all hell breaks loose on San Fierro.

We decide to set a plan in action. I thought we would need a remote place to get all three leaders together to meet Tremere. After consulting a map Syl had in her glovebox, Elatha and I found a large farm called Blueberry Acres. Elatha came up with an idea for letting the owners win a radio contest. Syl suggested a hotel room for the weekend in Las Venturas. So Elatha found the number to ring the lucky winners. Fortunately they bought the story. So Elatha used Syl’s credit card to get a room at a hotel in Las Venturas. So now all we need to do is hire a car to take them there. So far so good. Syl gave her friend Incin a call, to find out how to get all three leaders to the farm. Finally after she finnaly told him that there would be a link to the 2,000 dead people in San Fierro he told her he would have them all there. And Syl congratulated him on his promotion. Don’t know what that was about. All is going according to plan.

We finally arrived at Rayne’s place. We went down to the basement where Elatha had left Desire and Tremere. They had left the house though. I told Syl it was a bad idea to leave them alone. We had a look through the open books scattered across the floor. You know what, this library has a lot of books. Syl tried to call Desire on her phone. We heard it ringing in the library. We found the phone under a stack of books. Why did she leave her phone? I thought it might be a good idea to try and telepathically contact Desire. At first, I had no luck. I tried again, this time was a success. When I asked her where she was, she seemed confused. She seemed to speak to someone else. Almost immediately I was cut off, then suddenly Tremere was in my mind. I told Tremere about the meeting, the time and the location. He told me Desire would get him there and to leave them alone. Not quite perfect but it is still going according to plan.

So with three days to spare, we decided that it was about time Elatha and I had a look at the murder site at Northstar Rock. Syl drove us there, when we arrived there was a family picnicking there. Syl told us that the scar that seemed to be caused by the lack of spirits was healing. I asked Syl for an exact as possible time that the murder happened. When she gave it, I asked Elatha to join me on a trip back in time itself. Syl walked off and put her phone to her ear. We opened up our minds and used the mysteries to cast our minds eye back to that fateful night.

In front of us, right where the family was in the present we could see Rayne, a woman dressed all in black as if she was in morning and another woman dressed like a biker. These must have been the other two leaders of the three races. Rayne said something along the lines of he had just discovered the reason why no one ever wants to leave the island. The others seemed interested. All of a sudden there was something like a tare through the fabric of the universe. Out stepped some kind of huge beast, the likes of which I had never seen before. It was some kind of spirit beast. It attacked Rayne, killing him quickly. The biker chick started to turn into a werewolf. She lunged at the beast, however she passed right through it. The beast turned and killed her in one blow. The Vampire started to turn and run. The beast was quicker, it caught her with a tendril of smoke and turned her to ash. The beast turned to a point in the trees, and said “It is done”. It then turned north and started walking away.

When we came back the family was packing up to leave. Syl came back and asked what we saw. I told her to open her mind to me and with a swift Glasgow Kiss, I relayed all that we had saw. She was able to work out where the spirit beast turned to talk to something or someone. We went over and had a look there. Syl started talking to some trees for some reason. Elatha joined my back to the same time as before, but from this angle. At once we could see someone right here. It was CJ, the acting Hierarch. As the events unfolded, he did not seem surprised by what happened. So CJ had summoned the spirit to kill all three leaders and gain power for himself. Elatha suggested that we not tell Syl of this development and I agreed that it would not necessarily be a good idea. When we came back Syl asked us what we found out and told us that trees were not useful to talk to. She was less than happy with our answers and knew we were concealing something.

We had an idea to follow the trail of a spiritless scar in the world. I would drive and Syl would give directions of where the trail went. The Trail lead across the Sound of San Andreas and near Las Venturas. We followed it where we could, at some stages it went overland and which meant we had to travel around the various roads to find the trail again. Eventually the trail lead to a fence with military markings. However when we checked the map the base wasn’t on the map. It is a secret military base. We followed the roads around to the other side of the secret military base. The trail didn’t seem to come out anywhere. We stopped the car and Syl decided to walk toward the secret base. Elatha and I went and got nachos from a nearby village. I used the mysteries to keep Syl’s nachos warm. When we got back Syl was just getting back to the road.

Syl wanted us to check out the fence for the secret military base. We decided to drive back to where the fence was closer to the road. We got out and had a look at the fence with the help of the mysteries. The fence had wards on them, lots of wards preventing all sorts of magic. It mostly was to keep anything from getting out of the secret base. The fence itself was old, over 30 years old, but the wards at only been in place for 15 days, 3 hours, 23minurtes and 14.3 seconds. We guessed the beast was now securely locked up inside this base. But why did the spirit beast come here at all?

Syl decided to drop me off at Angelina. We headed to San Fierro. Unfortunately the city was blocked off by the military, the city was under lockdown. We got turned back, so we headed back to Syl’s place. Syl decided to get some sleep. Elatha and I thought we might try and collect some of Rayne’s books to make our own library bigger. So we took Syl’s car and made four trips collecting books. Elatha found a book he was particularly interested in.

The next morning Elatha told us that the book could help raise the power of our Hallow by manipulating lay lines. We decided he could expand our Hallow which would then belong to the three of us. Although since I usually have no idea where I am going to be the next day and Elatha is whimsical, Syl is really the one who benefits from this arrangement. Whilst Elatha got on with this task, Syl went out somewhere. I decided to practice this spell. I think I finally got it figured out. I have been able to lace a bit of fate, a bit of time and a bit of space to it times. Now I have the practice done and the mantras down pat. I may be just about ready to formalize this new rote. During the day I also read up on some of Rayne’s books, particularly the ones concerning Space and Time. Very Interesting.

Syl returned later in the day, after Elatha had successfully finished. She told us that she had told Incin about what we had discovered and that she suspected CJ of killing Rayne. Yeah, CJ took power and gave power to his friends like Incin. This is not good. She then told us she had visited a vampire. And had told this vampire that the meeting was a trap, yeah the meeting WE organized. Only a woman could ruin the best laid plans of mice and men!



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