Sins of the Fathers

At what point?

At a certain point in your life you need to ask yourself, what did I get myself into?

Let’s do a recap,

A carnie, Elatha, (and that would be using the name as a compliment), decides that my doorstep, (and wall for some strange reason), looked inviting. The Doc seems to like him, and fate seems to smile on him.

The Doc, I feel is one check up short of a full practice. The Doc has helped me out in a few scrapes, so perhaps it’s the insanity that keeps him coming back to me.

My new ‘friend’, Denise I believe her name is. I’ve found a new friend who seems to like me and apparently sends me hampers. Oh and she breaks into my house and destroys the gauntlet near my house like a three year old draws with a crayon. (note to self, get the door lock replaced).

Oh and I’ve got the hierarch and who knows who else breathing down my neck because I’ve hit some very large walls in what appears to be a rather impressive killing of three of the scariest people in town. So the next scariest have decided that I’m the person to look into this. Oh I did I mention the abyssals? Well I best not, good to save some stuff for next time.

So is it time to ask that question?

Hell no.

P.S. Almost forgot, some man, clearly in need of a cheeseburger has decided that children need to be taken away and to punish the parents. I really need to find some better hobbies.



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