Sins of the Fathers

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

The tale of two hotels

So, after sleeping on the news of Syl’s conversations, she tried to make us see her point of view. She wasn’t really successful. For a couple of hours we discussed the ramifications and what we should do next. It seemed we may need to expose that CJ is behind the murder of Rayne, the Alpha of the Werewolves and the Prince of the Vampires. We also need to introduce the acting leaders meet Tremere. Lastly, Elatha did a bit of research on what kind of being could the Spirit Beast be. He found out it was most likely an Abyssal. So there is that as well.

At 10:02am there was a knock at Syl’s door. Syl answered the door to a very attractive woman. This woman would then tell us that her name was Catalina. She told us she wanted us to meet her boss, a man called Salvatore Leone, sounds mafia like. She invited us to her accompany her to the meeting. Outside there was a white limousine, on the other side of the road was what looked like a black government sedan. She told us that the sedan driver was Toreno, an agent for the FBI. When we got in the back she took us to Caligula’s in Las Venturas. She took us to a small elevator in the casino. The elevator descended a long way given the speed of descent and the time it took. When the elevator doors opened we were in what looked like a security room. There was a cage to one side with pallets of money in it.

Catalina lead us to a door behind it was a large office. There was a view of what looked like Long Island. In front of the huge window was a huge desk and behind the desk was an Italian looking man. He gestured for us to help ourselves to drinks. I felt it was time I used my Italian Mafioso impersonation. The man was quite clearly Michael Corleone, I mean Salvatore Leone. At the door was a rough looking guy who seemed like a Consigliere. He told us he wanted us to do him a favour. He wanted us to plant a business card on CJ. In return he would give us Los Santos or anything we wanted. He allowed us to have a couple of hours to decide. Catalina escorted us up to the VIP room of the club. A place where you could get anything or anyone.

After Elatha lost in a game of chess, we all made it out on the balcony to discuss the offer. I sort of figured that it was an offer we couldn’t refuse. Syl was dead against the deal. I feared that I may repeat the first half of that sentence later. Elatha on the other hand seemed to be leaning toward the deal stating that he had never owned a city before. We eventually decided to head back down to talk to the Don. Syl did not want to go and told Leone that she wasn’t interested. He asked her to leave us and not speak of this again. Salvatore’s Consigliere left after Syl. We told the Don that we would accept his deal and asked for a limousine for the rest of the weekend. He offered us the small one and Catalina as our driver. When we stepped into the security room, Syl was waiting near the elevator. The Consigliere was right up close to her and the security guards all had hands on their machine guns. We managed to leave without incident.

Catalina escorted us to a white luxury sedan and asked us where we wanted to go. I told her the south side of the Gant Bridge, she seemed confused by this but took us anyway. When we got there we could see a row of portaloos. I told her I just need a bathroom break and stepped inside Angelina. Elatha and Syl followed not long afterwards. Elatha told us that we could give CJ a book from Rayne’s Library. I suggested we give him a forged copy of Rayne’s diary. I went off to find an appropriate notebook inside Angelina. When I got back, Syl told me the book was at her place. So we left Angelina, to find ourselves at Blueberry Farm. Syl called a taxi and with help from Elatha one wasn’t long away. We got back to Syl’s place and the luxury sedan was there, but no Catalina. We got Rayne’s diary and a pen and sat down at the table. I helped Elatha become the greatest forger…ever!

I borrowed Syl’s car to go and get changed in Angelina. I found the perfect outfit. William Hartnell, complete with cane! Awesome! I returned to Syl’s place. Catalina had returned and was waiting in the car. I got Syl to follow us to Blueberry farm and wait by Angelina. I got in the car with Catalina and gave her instructions to drive from the farm with the family to the Camarilla Hotel. We got to Blueberry Farm where the family was eagerly waiting for us to arrive. After some brief instructions they were off too Las Venturas.

When I got to Syl she was complaining about how much money she had and that she didn’t have any fuel. I got her to stop at a petrol station and I paid for her fuel. When we got back Elatha was still hard at work on the forgery. It would be a while. The next morning, Elatha looked exhausted, but the forgery looked better than the original. This just might work.



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