For the Tourists:

SAN ANDREAS is one of the most alternately locations of the land, and is famous about the vastitude and amazing variety. San Andreas is correct populair of the in total three cities, each with is own style and sight: The famous vastitude ghettos of Los Santos, the artistical community of San Fierro, and the glitter and glamour of the casino’s in Las Venturas.

San Andreas is a big state. The state pulls the most amount of immigrants and nowhere in the world live more nationalities together. Every community and culture is represented in San Andreas. Some say that this solidarity is a example for the whole world. Have a nice walk in the biggest cities (Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas) and you walk into a melting of communities and nationalities.

As the biggest state in the country, San Andreas has a very big variety of land. Examples are the big Mount Chiliad in Whetstone, the big forest in Red County, the dry deserts of Bone Countyand the nice coasts of the whole state.

As you may expect from a state as big as San Andreas, the economy is very expanded. The three important cities of San Andreas have all their own sort of economy. Los Santos (Vinewood) is still the most important center of the production of films, and televisionprograms. San Fierro is the most important cargo center of the country. And at least, Las Venturas, the milkcow of San Andreas. A place where yearly millions of people go and gamble at the many casino’s.

For the Locals

San Andreas is a very violent state. The crime rate here is through the roof and the various law enforcements are over streatched as it is. Add to that the influences of the Supernatural forces and you have one huge hotpot of barely supressed rage.

Sins of the Fathers

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